Suzuki GSX-R Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator repair

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Other GSX-R and Suzuki models:
Suzuki has used a few different types of STVAs over the years.  The direct mount type on the 2001-2003 600.  The cable driven units on the 2001 750 and 1000, and then the new stepper driven actuator assemblies on the 2002 and up 750 & 1000 and 2004 and up 600.

The older cable driven units can be repaired using the guts from the exhaust servos from the newer models.  The older direct mount units on the pre-2004 600.... well... buy a new bike maybe?  They've got a remote controller and a mess of wiring.  You can still buy parts to repair them, but they're very difficult to work with.  I've had the displeasure of working on one of these and I hope I never see another.

From 2006 and up on all the bikes, the STVA problems seem to be worked out whether it be made by Keihin or Mikuni.  Unfortunately, there were charging system issues on the 06 and 07 bikes that fried the STVA controller on-board the ECU.  After 2008, I've only heard of a handfull of STVA failures, mostly mechanical.

Here's a bit of information though.  Read your owner's manual.  Pay particular attention to the emissions warranty.  For the motorcycle sold under DOT regulations in the United States, the STVA is considered an emissions component and is warranted beyond the standard warranty.  On the 2004 and 2005 models, this was 30,000km or 5 years.  There's no hope for the 04-05 models anymore, but if you've got a newer low miles bike, it's good information.

Regardless of your issue, there's always a solution.  My solution is just very specific to the 2004 and 2005 middleweight bikes.  All the others, I can be a good source of information, but I can't offer any real direct help.

Beyond the GSX-R line, much like the old Chrysler K series, Suzuki did reuse parts and designs.  If you have a C28 failure and have a Mikuni built throttle body from 2004-2005, my repair might work for you.  Sadly, I've not had the opportunity to put my hands on one.  Any takers?
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