Suzuki GSX-R Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator repair

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About TheGeek
TheGeek.  In high school, it was not a name to be proud of.  Today, the geeks of the world have found their place.  My geekdom is pretty broad.  I'm a Trekker, not a Trekkie.  I enjoy most Sci-Fi shows and movies.  I'm into physics and engineering.  Anything that helps explain how things work.  That's the kind of mindset that allowed me to develop this repair.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University in Computer Science.  I minored in Physics and took a lot of math... for fun.  In the Physics arena, I chose electronics as my focus because with a CS major, why not learn how the hardware works too?  My parents were poor people, but worked hard.  With this hard work, they both achieved they're own success and are enjoying their retirement now.  Talk about learning some real life lessons in hard work and humility!

My personal flavor of geekdom is pretty unique.  I live outside of the geek realm.  I don't game at all, I ride a GSX-R, and I love to shoot guns and do some gunsmithing.  I grew up on a farm, so I'm accustomed to hard work, and the "make it work" kind of solutions that come from a small farm environment.  Not many professional computer nerds out there know how to weld a cycle mower with parts from an old Buick to get the job done, or overhaul the engine and transmission off an old Ford tractor.

I'm in my 40's with a wife and son, and a full time IT position at a cooperative research company working with scientific instrumentation.  Let's just say I know my way around electro-mechanical equipment and patience!  

So thanks for visiting my site.  If you need my help, or have a question about my services, please visit my eBay listing, or use the form below.
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